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  • Thunderstorm arrives, power outage! How do you occupy your time? See all answers
    • The thunder. The storm. The darkness. And the super content ME.
    • Thunderstorms are beautiful. I love the part when the thunderstorms are just about to begin..the gradual darkening of the skies...strong winds and sudden bolts of lightening. It all builds up the anticipation. And power outage is the best way of enjoying thunderstorms... the comfortable darkness around leaves little room for distraction and i can surround myself with the stormy beauty of nature..and the beautiful music created by the lashing rain and thunders. the storm outside somehow calms me down inside..[thunderstorms are my 2nd best surrounding for taking life decisions..the first being the shower].

      Okay, enough of poetic stuff. Let's get down to the nitty gritties Power out is equal to no romantic movies with the storm as a instant Facebook updates about the "largest bolt of lightening seen in my life" chance of reading a book [ candles don't really work for me courtesy my highly myopic eyes] and high likelihood of finding every little and rugged piece of furniture in the room with your shins. So keeping all these in mind, i settle myself on my bed..with my cell phone and a pack of chips. That way i have the option of listening to music and soulfully staring out of my window...and once i get bored and distracted of it, i can start munching on the chips and call up my closest buddy and chit chat about anything and everything..including the splendid weather. For an ambivert like's a total win-win situation! :-)

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    countroshculla said:
    Pretty much what I would do.
    posted over 4 years ago
    curiousnrandom said:
    ok... i've heard of introvert n extrovert but what on earth is an ambivert?? oh n completely agree with the whole how to occupy ur time when the power is out; however being online on facebook while a thnderstorm's raging outside is just not right... while ur typing bout the brightest lightening u just saw u might miss out on the first drops of rain that started falling!!! so in a way im always kinda grateful for the power outage, that way i have more than a legitimate excuse to just stare away at nature's beautiful way of expressing itself.... :)
    posted over 4 years ago