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    • What I'd Do With a Million Dollars
    • The thought of a million dollars does not thrill me in any way but....

      Grandfather Clock Face Waters building EXPLORE 4-8-08 2828

      Clarify first please. 1 million USD? Euro? ECD? TTD? GYD? I don't want to overshoot my budget.

      I have to ask because with 1 million GYD (US $4850) I would probably only be able to take a vacation. With 1 million TTD, I could pay off my loans. Ent?

      With 1 mil USD or Euro, I'd buy myself time. After doing my charitable bit (of course), I'd buy myself time to sit and write, to finish my novel without having to attend to anything else urgently. Time to visit my family; those nieces and nephews are growing up so quickly and sadly not before my eyes. Time to spend working in my charity, AGAPE. Time to read a book! Time to devote to you my dear Plinky. I know that we don't spend nearly enough time together.

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