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    • Me? An Entrepreneur?
    • Yes I am - a surprise thought that became a fulfilling activity!

      I have and I did. In 2006 I started Live Life Now Coaching - english coaching for expatriates based in the Netherlands or overseas. I did this as I realised I wasn't returning to the UK and my former HR career due to my partner's work overseas - he's been based in the Netherlands since 2004 and I needed an outlet for my skills and "self identity" as well as realising how coaching could benefit other expatriates. I'm glad I did it and I love how my business has allowed me to meet many other expatriates from differing walks of life and allowed me opportunities to be involved in projects that I never would have done if working in HR in UK! I also love that my business works in conjunction with my lifestyle both as expat in being a portable career and with my role as a parent.

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