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    • Globetrotting Vagabond
    • Hellz yes.

      I'm going to Borneo, baby.

      This is actually happening. My flight and trip are paid for, I've spent obscene amounts of money on high quality backpacking clothing, and I've been pumped full of enough Typhoid, Malaria, and Japanese Encephalitis medication to last me a lifetime.

      I'm ditching school next semester to go to Malaysia to live with the orangutangs. I'm so friggin' jazzed, it isn't even fair. I'm not even entirely sure that my brain fully understands what's happening yet, but I don't give a shit.

      I'm going!

      And maybe I won't have to come back.

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    StratPlayer said:
    Ya do give a shit...
    Tomorrow ain't guaranteed
    Ya only live once
    posted over 3 years ago
    insomniaspiral said:
    I don't know you, but i'm so fucking happy for you cuz i've always wanted to be able to fund a trip like that for myself. Good for you. May everything go as well as you dream.
    posted over 3 years ago
    amackay2 said:
    Oh wow, thanks so much.
    I really appreciate your support. I've had a lot of people tell me that I'm making a huge mistake and that school is more important and that I'm going to regret it and blah blah blah, but I'm so excited, and it's nice to have people excited with me.
    So really - thanks. You guys rock.
    I love orangutangs too, Delores. They're pretty much the best :)
    And Liz, you should totally go if you want to. I hope everything works out for you too. Just go for it.
    posted over 3 years ago
    five23 said:
    Go sate that wanderlust of yours first. Let everyone else go to college. If you only do what everyone else does, you'll only get what everyone else gets anyway, hon.
    posted over 3 years ago