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    • What I'll Remember Most About 2011
    • 2011, The Roller Coaster of a life time!

      There is so much that has gone on this year, good and bad, but you always remember the most what has hit you personally.
      Yes, the revolution of Egypt has impacted my life as it has many others. Today the problem is on going and the year is up, we all await nervously what will become of Misr Om el Donya.
      My brother is struggling in Egypt while he should be satisfied the end of the day with saving the lives he saves. That is a feeling I can't imagine, nor do I want to think of. I know he doesn't share with me a lot because I will do all in my power to fix it.
      On one high point, my best friend got engaged this year and he is more happy than I've seen him in the past 3 years. Sure, he's sad about what is going on in Egypt, but he has faith and optimism about his future. isA.
      I also got to see Egypt, post revolution, this year and ate up all the food I was around. That was divine! I got the chance to dance with the brides at two weddings, to share their new start in life!
      What's impacted me the most was receiving the phone call while I was having tea one afternoon with mom. Knowing it's been years since I've last sat down with her, it was a priceless moment. I can actually say that I am thankful at that time I had bad reception, otherwise I would've fallen off my chair. Mind you, I had surgery the week prior; so Dr M called and states 'we need to talk'. Imagine the thoughts? So, another call an hour late and he tells me my pathology report notes that I have a malignant tumor on my thyroid. Me? Thyroid cancer?
      So I heard the message, but I sat with mom, smiled, and continued our conversation. Life is going on, and I am optimistic and proactive with my health to this point.

      This year was surely a roller coaster, but I've to leave it on a positive note. Just as I would leave off a roller coaster, which I love, is feel dizzy, but smile with a mental thought of 'I conquered without vomiting!' Weeeeee! Come on 2012!

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    gmamia said:
    -victory! -you conquered without vomiting! truly have a gift of optimism and joy through life's tribulations...blessings to you in 2012!
    posted over 3 years ago
    sousou617 said:
    Thank you! Happy New Year and may you see many, many sunshine days this new year!
    posted over 3 years ago