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    • I've been occupied lately by that question. The irony is I'm an English language instructor to adults, however I've spent the previous part of my life as a shy, quiet student. The one who knows the right answer, but doesn't dare to raise her hands. And also the one who waits for people to make friends with her, never attempting to start a conversation. Now having that revealed, I always now create a special bond with the students that I teach, especially the ones who need encouragement or who are simply introverts in the common meaning of the word. And I find that a kind of success because extrovert students usually don't feel a problem participating in class which is the core of the learning process. I might also say that most educational institutes where I live consider a perfect teacher to be as much showy as being professional, which is something that sometimes intimidates shy students. Moreover, the perfect teacher should be like the director who pushes students to participate and practice without ever being seen on screen. Therefore, before answering this question I was questioning my ability to become a better teacher personality wise, but now I am content where I am, the calm, supportive teacher that doesn't care to prove anything about herself or act up to dominate the class. NO, instead I am the teacher who does her best at home planning to help students live the real life situations she's created to help them work their way through learning the language.

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    EAMHarris said:
    I've taught English too and I agree it's important to encourage the quieter students. I'm sure someone who thinks about it as carefully as you do will be a great help to the learners.
    posted over 3 years ago
    lightupliterally said:
    Thanks a lot, your nice words are a great push. I appreciate your support :)
    posted over 3 years ago