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    • A Wasteful Habit
    • Deep-thinking

      Negotiating with the devil inside my head; whether it was the idea of my bad angel or just of my self in its worst state I think I shouldn't dignify it with an answer. Because the answer amounts to a discussion and at the end we have a winner and a loser. Therefore, previously knowing who the loser is should make me abstain from the competition, or at least agree that we'll never agree (I mean by we my good angel and you know who ;)), so why should I bother in the first place??!! I should just kick it off like a good old tasteless, hard annoying gum that's been in my mouth for too long.

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    EAMHarris said:
    Interesting that you describe this internal discussion as wasteful. For me it would be fruitful in increasing awareness of where motivations to action come from.
    posted over 2 years ago
    lightupliterally said:
    Hey, I've just seen your comment. I appreciate your opinion, I think you're someone with deep insight. I know what you mean, but sometimes it turns into an obsession and as they say too much of something is bad enough. I agree with you that if I keep it to a certain limit it turns into a fruitful habit. Thank you for making me see it like this:)
    posted over 2 years ago