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      Yes, sure. I believe life was much better before television. While listening to the radio you can do whatever you like... from house chores to running errands. It's with you in the car, on your mobile, mp3 and 4 and all these "fascinating" new devices. The best thing about it is that you're free to look wherever you wish. Radio for me equals freedom of TV. I might sound old, but I am standing up for my right to save my time, yes we're in the "post TV." era we have now internet and a whole lot more stuff to get sucked up into, but we still have the power to do something useful with the internet... to connect, to share, to learn, to contribute to. As long as we're doing we're learning, we're growing, we're changing... and that's what I like about the radio, it gives me a space to live.

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    EAMHarris said:
    I so agree. I don't have a TV and haven't had one for years. I don't miss it.
    posted over 2 years ago