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    • Biking is changing me from a lazy overweight nerd into an impressively buff nerd.
    • I bike to work every day. It's pretty much the ultimate in motivation. If I don't feel like biking, I'll have to find some other way to get to work, and that means dealing with the bus system which takes longer and often involves walking a mile or so. So, even if it's nasty outside and raining, I'm still biking to work. I've got lights and fenders and rain pants and a jacket so that I can do it safely.

      It's about 5 miles each way, with three overpasses, which I've gotten to the point where I'll reach about 20mph sprinting up two of them and one of them I just take at a sustained pace.

      And then I'll go out on fun rides over the weekend. Yesterday, I biked up Mt. Hamilton to Joseph D. Grant park, at which point I got turned around because of the snow. It was great. I climbed up 2782 feet, reaching an altitude a little under 2000 ft above sea level, and rode about 48 miles.

      Thing about the commute is that it doesn't really cost me time. It's maybe 15 minutes more than driving, and I don't need to go to the gym and have more energy the rest of the time. And it's helped me build a fairly good level of base fitness.

      Also, it's something fun to do. I'm not biking because I'm some sort of athletic jock. I'm biking because I can bike up the side of a mountain and see things. I'm biking because it's saving me a lot of money on gas. Going to the gym never really worked for me.

      I've been doing this for maybe 2 years now, with a break in the 2007/2008 winter when some asshole in my apartment building stole my bike. The benefits for me are huge. I didn't realize just how good I'd feel now that I've been doing it for so long. Things I didn't even realize were wrong or caused by a lack of exercise are better. It turns out to be quite important to have a sound body in order to have a sound mind.

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