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    • Hi,
      I am Terry, and I am responding to a question for the week, asking how my life has changed in the past ten years

      Press advert for Parkinson's Disease Society

      I am hoping ten years from today, I am still living, and taking care of patients who need to know that someone cares, as this is what I have been doing for a long time.
      Five years ago I was a very happy lady, as I was finally divorced. I know this sounds bad, but that marriage was not good at all. In between those years, I was a caregiver. Then my father came down with a bone cancer, and I took care of him for his one year of battling and then we both lost the war. Immediately, following my mentally challenged brother suffered a heart attack, and although he tried his hardest, he was never able to return to work, so for five years now, I have been caring for him, and we are living through changes that are devastating to him and me, as his sister and caregiver. He now is a heart patient, is still mildly mentally challenged, and is in his fifth stage of Parkinson's Disease. This is the worst illness I have ever attacked, in my 22 years of being a professional caregiver. PD takes over the body, mind and soul. It causes a terribly high amount of pain each and every minute of the day. It slows the walking down to one day he will not be able to walk. He gets very confused as the disease attacks more and more cells and kills them. At this point in our lives, he is desperately wanting to die. All types of medications have been tried, but only bring temporary relief. In November he visits a pain clinic for the first time.
      I have worked hard to get smiles from him as he sees himself dissolving from life, and therefore, I have come up with hopefully a wonderful idea.
      Cards! Happy cards! Get well cards! I have had big responses to this, and so I am letting you in on the project also. If you would care to send him a card that he can touch and hold and look at whenever he feels, please email me at
      I will then email you our address.
      Please place card in the subject matter so I do not consider it spam!
      Have a nice day!!

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