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    • Letter to (Future) Me
    • Solace-Seeking-Sycophant

      Dear 20-distant-Myself,

      I hope by now you're already be someone whom you want to be past 20 years ago. A Gentleman, a Human, an Image of God. I hope your presence have become the beacon of Lord's Blessing to the people around you. I hope u're already a Renaissance Man and that my current defects are just in small portion in you. I hope you're already in a place in which you can affect people, in a way that they fight the Ages that kept consuming them. I hope you humanize the dehumanized men that have been enslaved by IT. I hope the generations there realize what's essential for humanity and they, together collaborate for the Greatest Good.


      Zorin Wiseputra Muller (20 years ago)

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