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  • 2012 just got fired into space in a pea-sized capsule. Inside the capsule is a pithy summary of what 2012 was all about. For you, for humanity, for your local crochet group, you decide. What does it say? See all answers
    • November 8, 2012 by gmamia
    • Be Still and Know I Am Here
    • Teachable moments....searching and finding the right social stories to pass to narrow-minded youth. Courageously teaching from my own experiences. Things get stirred up. People disagree and have differerent values. Let's talk. "What do we have in common?" We have hope for struggling youth and we both believe in justice for the underdog.

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    Dirtydux said:
    The youth, Plugged into their iphones and programmed by years of Jersey Shore and x-box. There are some that have been raised right. It is hard to find common ground when the media accentuates the differences in us at every waking moment. They are growing up in a fear based society and most of them don't know what living in peace means. We have been at war a long time.
    posted over 2 years ago