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  • 2012 just got fired into space in a pea-sized capsule. Inside the capsule is a pithy summary of what 2012 was all about. For you, for humanity, for your local crochet group, you decide. What does it say? See all answers
    • 2012 flew by, barely do I remember exactly what happened individually, as each day became one week, than one month, all being involved in the care of my brother, as I watched his Parkinson's Disease progress each month.
      I can hardly believe that it is only two weeks until Thanksgiving, and yet my brain seems to be in slow motion, as I realize I have nothing planned yet for the holiday, and none of my Christmas shopping has been started, and in prior years, I have started Christmas shopping as early as August. I can think of decorating my home for the holidays, but the physical movement of shopping and them exercise of mentally thinking gifts, just isn't there yet. I will have to get on the ball though, because there are people depending on me.
      Where did the time go? Doctor appointments, worries, stress, cooking, scheduling, bills, cleaning, it all ticked by. Hopefully, next year will start off with a bang on New Year's Day, as I venture into another unknown territory of life. May God be with me to travel the unfamiliar road of life.

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