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  • In a thousand years your blog gets dug up and put in a museum. What does the general description on its shiny brass plaque say about all of the posts within? See all answers
    • An Ode To Self-Importance and Pistachios.
    • In the early part of the twenty-first century, it was believed that the Internet had flattened the intellectual structures of the global society so that anyone with a computer could share their thoughts and opinions on any matter that came to mind. This is one such example of a blog that was irregularly maintained and decidedly typical. It's content ranged from meanderings about relationships to more substantial questions about the nature of God and the problems of politics. Its author, however, seemed to have lost interest in maintaining it at some point, as its once meaningful domain name expired. All who searched out this once completely average blog could only then find ads for pistachios.

      And that is how the Internet works.

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