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  • 2012 just got fired into space in a pea-sized capsule. Inside the capsule is a pithy summary of what 2012 was all about. For you, for humanity, for your local crochet group, you decide. What does it say? See all answers
    • Humanity Celebrates
    • Humanity celebrates the year 2012 because we know that for the next 4 years we can make lots of money, finish bringing our troops home, and hopefully marry my life partner. Our dear president Obama will have 4 more years to finish what he started. More people will have jobs so more money will be spent. This will bring more money to the big and small, old and new business's. Which is always good for humanity.

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    Dirtydux said:
    Haaaa haaaaa that's so hilarious but way to think positive.
    posted over 2 years ago