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  • What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world? See all answers
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    • What change would I like my blog to make in this world?

      To answer this question I need to ask myself why I write a blog? What is my end purpose? and what do I hope to achieve?

      The most important factor in writing my blog is that it should be interesting enough for others to read.
      I have read some blogs which I find particularly boring, just reading the first paragraph tells me that this is of no interest to me.
      So first and foremost I must get the attention of my readers ...and keep it!

      The next important factor is to make people smile..I just love the thought that what I can write can bring a smile to somebody's face. A smile is worth a fortune.
      My blog in itself cannot make any difference to the world as a whole but I do know that my readers are spread throughout the globe and it is to these readers that I aim my words.

      If I can make somebody happy simply by writing a few words here and there about our life in Bulgaria and about my family..then every second spent doing it is worthwhile.

      I am not at all interested in stats....does it really matter if I have 650 readers or 65 . It is each one of those persons that interest me....not percentages, or statistics but whether I can make a difference to someone's daily life.

      So if my blog makes any change at all..then I am satisfied

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