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    • November 12, 2012 by idraax
    • Writingfish
    • Dear Fan of [insert fandom here],

      Welcome to my blog! Here, you get reblogs of mostly fandom things, but other random stuff too. You also get my liveblogging episodes of whatever I'm currently watching. I don't reblog ourtright porn, because one friend in real life is following me. XD (I will link you people who do if you'd like) I write too. Mostly original creative writing like poetry and my giant writing project called The Caretaker of The Multiverse. You can find all of my work using the links on the sidebar. And I'm a Linguistics student in my 3rd year at uni. Oh, and I'm from the States. XD Anyway, you are absolutely lovely for following me and I hope you like my blog!

      I will love you until death,
      Writingfish :)

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