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  • Who do you picture reading your blog? Write them a letter. See all answers
    • Dear Readers...
    • It depends on which blog you are talking about really. If it's the random writing blog it would be anyone who searched for a tag that I list really so...

      Dear reader,
      Thank you for reading all of my nothings and following when you see fit. It's nice to know that some people are bothered about the silly nothings of day to day existence and as this is only a blog in it's very early stages you instantly rock for being there to give me the confidence to keep writing and growing!
      Love Me!

      If it's my pregnancy blog I'd assume that the readers are either pregnant, ttc or already mums/dads in which case I'd say...

      Dear lovely mums, dads and soon to be's!
      Thank you for following me in my journey through pregnancy and life as a family, it really makes me feel great to know that something I say, no matter how big or small, may have some impact in your family/ttc life. I love that you are sticking with me and watching how I develop as both a pregnant woman and mother and can't wait to see how this all pans out (fingers crossed for the dream child that doesn't cry, sleeps in solid 8 hour blocks and comes out perfectly potty trained!) I always follow mummy/daddy/ttc blogs back and look forward to reading all of your adventures in life too.
      Best of luck to you all and love to you and your families
      Love from the Mummy in Me!

      Finally if you look at my new photography blog I'd have to say...

      Dear viewer,
      Thank you for looking at the pictures that I take, even though I'm new to blogging about them! I really enjoy taking pictures and really enjoy that you are looking at the things that I produce.
      I am by no means a professional photographer, I don't claim to be and never will but I'd love your feedback and constructive criticism as I'd love to see how I can improve - I know that I have a long ways to go :o)
      You rock!
      Love Me

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