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    • November 12, 2012 by diagas
    • Write your reader a letter
    • To whom it may concern:

      The only memory that gives me joy is watching the rain drops stream down the window, waiting for the best day of my life. Going around this world claiming your own personal achievements is sort of a standard these days, isn't it? That's exactly why Tumblr flourishes: it gives us all a podium to shout-cast to the internet unequivocally.

      I'm not sure why you're here, to be honest. Either you have some aforementioned interest in me as a person, or you just tumbled down the rabbit hole and ended up here. I welcome anyone to view my blog, as its serves anyone with a knack for wit.

      Slaughtered bodies of blog readers past litters my skeleton full of closets. I never intend to alienate my readers, but rather the persons who've plagued my life. I'm merely here to share my most inner thoughts, and to stave off the darkness in my life. I'm in the midst of a great jigsaw puzzle, and you get to watch me put it together.

      Participation isn't mandatory, just open eyes (and sometimes ears). I'm not here to serve any individual; I work merely as a vessel for love. Don't constrain your mind by feeding your ego, as I'm probably never talking about you. My targeted souls also serve as my least likely cheerleaders.

      Consider this my only warning of my domain. What you may read here may be nothing but nonsenses, but the best nonsenses always lead to another synapse. I come forth to you, sober and pure, as the sole prophet of my word. Let the disciples go back to cover; and the mome raths outgrabe.


      Your blog writer,

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