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  • Write down the first sight, sound, smell, sensation and scene from your life that come to mind with just sixty seconds for each. See which of those you’d most like to continue to write about, and where it leads you. See all answers
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    • Being a ten year old at a carnival. Being invisible, like most kids are to the adults. Another little girl looks my way and we regard each other for a few minutes, a connection to the World. I smell cotton candy mixed with hotdogs and sausage. The off key conflicting music of all of the rides blends together with the sounds of traffic nearby and carnies yelling; trying to attract customers.

      I'm considered an adult now, walking across the campus of my college in Wisconsin. It is quiet, the kind of quiet only the snow brings. There is white as far as the eye can see, although even with all of the white the light is dim, it is overcast, the sun hasn't peeked out in days. I smell wood burning in fire places and wet salty dirt below my ice cold feet.

      I am an adult now. I'm watching my three year old open his birthday presents. He is so excited, and that excitement causes more happiness in me than anything ever has before. I smell the sickly sweet smell of the birthday cake and the rubber of the balloons and my friends overwhelming perfume with the undertone of smoke. It is loud with my nieces and nephews playing and running and making balloons squeal and adults laughing a little too loud and chastising a little too much.

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