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  • Make a list of things you’d like to change. Expand one or all of the point into a post. How do they inform one another? What connects them? What does that say about you? See all answers
    • A List of Changes
    • Things I would love to change:
      Be more closer to God.
      See my mother-in law once more.
      Break the long distance between my parents and I, also see them more often.

      Though it's been few months since I lost my mother-in law. I really miss having her around. She took great care of me when I was heavily pregnant and when her grand-daughter was born. The three months I spent with her, were months filled with love and warmth. Even with my husband's presence, I still needed a motherly touch and she was always there to give me that. She kept a close watch over me, no matter how tight her schedule was. She welcomed me into her home with open arms. O how I wish I could see her once more, so as to let her know how much I love and miss her company.

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