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  • Make a list of things you’d like to change. Expand one or all of the point into a post. How do they inform one another? What connects them? What does that say about you? See all answers
    • What to change? Alter me or alter life
    • What are the things I'd like to change? That's a tough question, you can start with the habits and then add personality quirks before finishing with the situational changes.

      The big habit I'd change would probably be smoking. Still trying to become a non-smoker after attacking the habit for many years without success.

      The personality quirk. That one's easy, I'd really like to not be so hard on myself. I certainly seem to be my harshest critic and I'm certainly not afraid to tell myself what I think. I also spend far too much time second guessing and critiquing myself on my decisions.

      Situational changes can be at least partially outside our control. I could say that I'd like a full time job (which I do) but I can't actually create one out of thin air. I can, however, work to make that happen and keep myself open for when it does. The situational change I'd most like to make at the moment would probably be to move house, that's something I'm going to seriously explore early in the new year.

      Of course if I had a magic wand there are any number of things I'd like to change, but I'm not going to dwell on those or even list them. No point really. We can't actually alter life, just the way we approach it and the things we do.

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