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  • Make a list of things you’d like to change. Expand one or all of the point into a post. How do they inform one another? What connects them? What does that say about you? See all answers
    • November 14, 2012 by gmamia
    • A List of Changes
    • complain less, give thanks more,eat less, exercise more, spend less, save more, talk less, listen more...

      joy, peace, patience, faith, self-control, gentleness, humility, wisdom, generosity, forbearance, love

      Provide me with the season of the day;the climate of the moment
      be it happy or sad
      pressure or release
      quiet serenity; loud calamity

      Which fruit of the Holy Spirit is in season? The last is first. The greatest is love. God is love. All is possible.

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