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  • What will you be thinking about on your deathbed? See all answers
    • Reflecting at the end of Life
    • I read this prompt 'what will you be thinking about on your deathbed? and wondered how somebody could be so stupid as to ask such a daft question.

      Then I thought about it . It is quite hilarious really.
      What would you be thinking about? here are a few that come to my mind..
      1) I knew I should have put on clean underwear today!
      2) Blast! I was in the middle of doing a good post on my blog
      3) I shall never know what happened in the serial I was following
      4) I wish I had looked both ways before crossing the road..
      5) At least I won't have to pay anymore utility bills
      6) Do I look ok? Is my hair in order?
      7) where is my lipstick, have to look my best
      8)I shall miss my family and my friends
      9)This is exciting, a journey into the unknown
      10) Hello God here I am at last

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