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    • November 15, 2012 by debiw
    • Reflecting at the End of Life
    • I really couldn't tell you for sure since I'm not a mind reader or a prophet, but what I hope I'd be thinking is similiar to my thoughts as I prepare for a great vacation. I think about all I'll possibly be doing in the wonderful place I am off to! How much fun and enjoyment I'll have. Who I might see. What I might eat.

      In this the case of dying, the place I know I am going is to be with my Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ, the God of this world. You see, ever since I gave my life to Him many years ago, I know where I am going on this the ultimate vacation!! During my years as a Christian and through Jesus' and I's relationship, I've studied God's Word (the Bible) and I've read many a great book on heaven so I am prepared and am ready any time He chooses to invite me on this trip of a lifetime!

      So what I'll be thinking about is being with Him, being with God my Father. Enjoying all He will offer me for my last and longest and bestest vacation ever!!

      I'll also be thinking about the people I know that don't know Jesus. That haven't committed their lives to Him. The people I am concerned I might not see there, in Heaven. I'll be praying one last time for them to decide to ask Jeus into their lives and their hearts. To truly live their lives for Him, allowing God to enter them, changing their hearts and minds for complete and total healing and renewal of their old and broken ways.

      I will also be thinking about how much peace I feel at this point in my life and how ready I am to go. How ready I am to meet as they say, "my maker".

      What would you be thinking about? Are you ready to meet your maker?? I hope and I pray so.

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