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  • What will you be thinking about on your deathbed? See all answers
    • "I'm Like the Supreme Court"
    • Instead of answering this question, I am going to explain why I am NOT answering it.

      There are certain questions to which I will respond: "I am like the Supreme Court."

      I don't answer "what if" questions - and questions about the future pretty much all fall into that category because we don't know what the future will bring.

      For example, someone will ask, "What would you do if [insert some terrible act] happened?"

      I can't say.

      First, I can't say what I'd do because what I think I would do if it happened right this minute may very well be different than what I would do if it happened next week or next year. People - and circumstances - change.

      Also, I don't really know what I would do. I may think I know what I would do, but when faced with the actual [insert terrible act], I may disappoint myself with my response. Or, I may amaze myself with my response.

      I couldn't even begin to contemplate a question like today's. How can I know what I will be thinking about? The thoughts passing through my mind if I were on my deathbed will be influenced by my age, the reason I am on my deathbed (natural causes, bad luck, malicious intent, etc.) and who's in the room.

      So don't ask me.

      Plus, the whole idea of thinking about my deathbed creeps me out.

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