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  • What will you be thinking about on your deathbed? See all answers
    • November 15, 2012 by hiej
    • Reflecting at the end of Life
    • It is not plesant to think about death, but anyone cannot avoid the death.
      This question seems to be related to how to live instead of how to die.
      If I am on my deathbed, I would like to be thinking it was a good life. I could do whatever I wanted to do. I spent quality time with my family and friends, and I was a nice and gentle to people around me. I was not greedy money chaser. I had humor that makes people smile. I was so cheerful that people always feel happier after talking with me. I made an example before people and affect their lives in a posivie way.
      I want to die without regretting many things especially in terms of friendship and relationship. I just want to leave a word at the momen when I die. "it was a good life!"

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