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  • If you could wake up tomorrow and find that one thing had changed about the world, what would you have that one thing be? See all answers
    • Change the World
    • I would want to wake up in a world where violence was never invented anywhere. Im tired of hearing about all these people dying and kids getting kidnapped every single day. It really gets annoying because what makes a person want to kill or harm anyone. People these days get offended so easily over the most stupidest things. What makes someone think that they can just takes someones life away like that. People often hate each other because of the way they look and where they come from. I just want to live in a world where i can go outside like at ten o'clock at night and not have to worry about someone trying to rob me. Thousands of people die everyday over money or drugs and this is what is destroying our world today. People need to just learn how to ignore and let things go.

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