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  • If you could wake up tomorrow and find that one thing had changed about the world, what would you have that one thing be? See all answers
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    • If i could wake up tomorrow and find one thing changed about the world it would be to have my mother back in my life.See my mother passed away last year from cancer.My mother was always there for me and took care of me and my brother and sisters.Without her everything isnt even close to okay.If she was in my life still everything would be great and i wouldnt be haveing such a hard time with everything.Alot of people are so lucky to have their mother in their life but they dont realize it.If my mother was in my life she could help me alot like she always did.She was my everything and without her i feel incomplete.So if i woke up tomorrow i would want that to change,for my mom to be here with me.

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