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  • You have three hundred words to justify the deletion from time, space and memory a person, place or thing. Failure to convince will result in it being infinitely cloned and paraded on a billboard in front of your home forevermore. See all answers
    • Deletion - no more flies!
    • Biologies most unimpressive creation.


      Flies. Without a doubt - flies. I know the science people will give me the standard rebuttal about food chain, 'cleaning up decay' etc. (I know I'm an art person, and maybe I don't understand.) But I don't care. I believe with every ounce of my being that the world would be a better place if all the flies suddenly staged a mass exodus through some worm-whole into an alternate dimension where I existed in no form whatsoever. No more ruined al fresco dining, no more attractive eye boogers, no more incessant buzzing and taunting from some unreachable corner of the ceiling; and do any of us need another nightmare of Jeff Goldbloom? Most of all - no more wondering how much fly regurgitation you just ate at your backyard bbq after running inside to grab that forgotten but oh-so-important condiment. There is a reason why flies were one of the 10 plagues on Egypt in the book of Exodus - they have the ability to annoy people to death. Finally - no more innocent little sisters being chased around the house by her brothers with the exoskeleton riddled fly swatter (personal vendetta? ;)

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