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  • You have three hundred words to justify the deletion from time, space and memory a person, place or thing. Failure to convince will result in it being infinitely cloned and paraded on a billboard in front of your home forevermore. See all answers
    • erase.....what?
    • relationships are harder now as conversations become texting, arguements phone calls and emotions status updates.


      I have three hundred, words to justify deletion from time, space and memory a place, person or thing, .... do i want to really do it?
      What is the consequence of not complying? Well it would result in being infinetly cloned and paraded on a billboard in front of my home forever.
      Lets consider deleting people or place, there is no point in trying to erase the past simply because it does not fit into the present, after all the past is a great place and I do not want to erase it or regret it, neither do I want to be its prisoner though. We all have dark times in our lives that we wish we could erase but all of llife experiences good and bad make us who were are erasing of life’s experience would be denying parts ourselves.
      Lewis .B.Smedes got it right when he forgiveness does not erase a bitter past, and a healed memory is not deleted memory. Forgiving what we cannot forget could create a new way to remember, maybe change the memory of our past into a hope for our future...?
      this would not erase a memory but may be it lays the emotions surrounding the memory .
      that would be a worth while deletion, emotions that surround the memories, so that only the memory in its unfettered form stays behind.

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