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  • You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Begin. See all answers
    • 300-Word Justification
    • Black Coffee and Tea in White Cup is Hot

      i don't have to ask and she brings me coffee. she knows when to hold my hand and when to push me forward. we've known each other five years, but know the other ones whole story. she's lost the true love of her life and still smiles in cloudy days. she talks to who ever has open eyes, and if their eyes aren't open, she opens them. she makes the world brighter the way the sun ignites blossoming buds in spring. she puts curry powder in her chicken pot pie and slices the shape of a heart in the crust, as if love wasn't put into her food already. she brings me home wherever she goes and amounts to a whole family in one person. she tells me when she wakes up to early so we can spent the extra time together. when i'm sick, she doesn't care, she crawls into bed with me and even shares the same spoon. what i have, whether happiness, sickness, fear, or desire, she shares so i won't be alone. i would wake up to her singing in college, the air rich with her breakfast, and i would shed a happy tear to know that she was there. she makes me want to like mushrooms, and christmas, even though they both make me sick to my stomach. and when she comes over to borrow my black steve maddens, she leaves me a note to come home to and the scent of egyptian goddess. i don't even have to use 300 words to make her important. actually, no words could explain how much she means to me.

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