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    • The Pest
    • Gone Viral, the concept
      Adult diapers for the mind?
      Is Viral a little border town down in Texas
      Where that plywood club still has that Girl n Donkey show?
      Are we destined as a species to be more concerned with
      Pixels on a LCD screen
      Than the ground we all live on
      We ain't never gonna escape
      If we take a crap in our living room
      We gonna have to sit with it

      For anyone that has fallen victim to the right wing spin(Limbaugh, Beck)
      That humans can't adversely affect the environment and or weather.
      Check out Ken Burns "Dust Bowl".
      And that was with the most rudimentary technology.
      Had they been able to tap the water table to avoid the problem in it's immediacy
      They would have collapsed the aquifer like eastern Colorado
      The entire watershed east of the Rockies for 600 miles
      South Dakota to the gulf would be a desert.

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