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    • Documentary about Street-art
    • For the past decade I've immersed myself into the arts on the streets. For years I've walked around cities with my camera close by to capture those special moments when I'd stumble on a new precious work by some anonymous artist. Only to realize over time that these artists each have their own style, their own signature I only had to learn, keep my eyes and mind open and I would learn more and more. Some would use stencils, some paint at home and just glue their work to the wall. some just walk around and write short notes on the wall. Some take their spray cans and drive to abandoned factories, houses, hide in tunnels and work there.
      Some want to make a political statement with their art and through their art. some just have a quirky outlook on live and want to share that with their friends.
      Slowly but surely is street art or urban landscaping becoming an accepted part of THE ARTS.
      For example in France you can buy stamps with art from street-artists on it. Books are being published on graffiti, T-Shirts printed, Graffiti classes taught for Teenagers.
      I love how street-art can make me happy for no other reason than being there. Someone courageous and driven enough to go out during the night and stick, draw, paint, spray their work on walls, doors, frames, electric poles - sharing parts of their souls with us the unknown visitor, spectator

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