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    • Musings On Loss
    • Through out my relatively short 24 year life span, I've seen many things come into and go out of my life. People, money, time. Some of these things I'd like to see again, mainly the money and time aspects. As I sit here and think about it, I can't help but notice how much I've lost.

      People come and go. That's just life. Sometimes they stick around and show you they are worth having in your life. Other times, they are fleeting, here today gone tomorrow. For whatever reasons they fade out of reach. If they don't mean enough to hold on to then that tells us something.

      Money is a slightly different subject. Yeah you can always make more, but as I get older, my bills pile up. It's not as fun working as it was when I was 16 and working for spare cash while my parents stressed over the utility bills.

      Now time. Time is where things get fucked up. How can one have more time? Plastic surgery can make you younger. There are also creams and potions to smooth skin etc. but it doesn't actually change the way things are.

      As I look back on life, I miss the time I wasted on unimportant mundane things.

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