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    • The day When I moved abroad and sniffed the first whiff of air through my nose all I felt was,this is what I always wanted, this is life, this is where I am supposed to couldn't be any better! And with every passing day it just felt better and better to be on my own , live life on a foreign land, find my own way, start from scratch and build my own world.... But somewhere in a very very small remote corner of my heart something kept nudging from inside..... And I couldn't really understand what it was... Until now! When I thought of it... I had lost a bit of me... Back there, back from where I had come, where I used to belong, where I had my roots... I had moved forward in life for sure but I had also left a bit of me behind... Which never came here with me, which refused to be uprooted, which stayed back, and which always kept nudging from a remote corner of my heart..... I found so much of me when I came abroad but there is always that bit of me which I left back, which is lost somewhere ...which I will miss!

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