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  • Think of a time you let something slide only for it to brutally gnaw at your brain for days to come. Put that to rights, write about it. See all answers
    • November 30, 2012 by debiw
    • Thoughts Eating Away at You
    • Listen and Obey the gnawing!!

      I don't really think of God being brutal, but He most definitely needled me for over a year, with the fact that I was an alcoholic and a prescription drug addict!

      I had an epiphany moment finally, that sent me into rehab. I thank Him everyday that my experience wasn't the "hitting bottom" nightmares I've since learn about from others in the program.

      Today I am almost 3 years clean and sober. Yea, God! Thanks for gnawing at me and never giving up on me, ever!!

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