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  • Think of a time you let something slide only for it to brutally gnaw at your brain for days to come. Put that to rights, write about it. See all answers
    • The type of procrastination that I have practiced most of my life, leaves a relatively health person debilitated -- incapable of doing what is needed to be done in their best interest.


      Story of my life; all things slide to the bottom of the mountain in my universe. Gnaw is the perfect word for the parts of my brain that allow things (mostly bills) to become late, later, latest. It would be nice to have a free brain, to have no mountain, to maintain a pleasant pasture where I could lay, free, at ease, to repair the gnawed parts of my brain, to be within a normal range where the brain only has a few teeth marks, a bite, no gnawing, gnawing, gnawing. Oh the inhumanity of it all.

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