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    • The art of spitting.
    • A joyous look at an ever popular urban art form.

      Spitting Turtles

      Spitting is an art form. People who spit in the street are expressing themselves in the most sophisticated manner. I love to witness such decadent street performance art in the making, it's a beautiful site to see the white foamy or even purely clear spit leave the mouth of a vagrant, school child or chav. I am privelidged to witness it, but I am lucky enough to have this pleasure quite often due to where I live. The artform itself takes two stages, the leaving of the mouth which can be done in various ways and the finished work on the paving stones we all walk on. The finished piece is a small pool of frothy beauty on the pavement, this art form has the unique quality of being a moving visual art and a living, organic finished piece. Oh how I love the artform of spitting in the street, out of your car window or off a balcony, it is just wonderful and so classy.

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