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  • In a few paragraphs, summarize the novel or screenplay you would write if only you had the time. See all answers
    • December 3, 2012 by kaylr
    • I always thought it would make a good story to portray the life of a cop's kid. You know, one where the kid "has" to be good, the family face to' the public and all. Set in the 60's. Follow through the sex, drugs and rock and roll period. Teenage rebellion. Non-acceptance from peers based on misperceptions that kid is a "narc." Kind of a "Freaks and Geeks" but grittier. This would be a character study. Set in a smaller city or town.

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    xenophobia22 said:
    Sounds like your idea would make a good novel. You should try writing one. (I am going to start one myself, IF I find the time.) :-)
    posted about 1 year ago

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