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  • In a few paragraphs, summarize the novel or screenplay you would write if only you had the time. See all answers
    • Why I can't write a novel...
    • I'm a sucker for teen romance novels, especially if their setting is near the shores. If I had the time, and the drive, I would probably write a summer romance novel. I know it sounds cheesy, but why shouldn't I write about something I myself wouldn't enjoy reading?

      I think I would write from alternating perspectives, meaning each chapter would come from a different person. Maybe just two people, maybe three or four. I think it's interesting to see multiple sides of the story, it's exhilarating when the reader happens to know more about the plot than the characters do.

      In the end, they would end up together and happy, but maybe not that first summer. The problem I have with writing novels is that I lose focus and motivation to continue after a while, and maybe it's the short attention span I have writing news stories all the time, but I just can't get myself to focus on one particular piece for more than a week. I know what I want to happen, but it could take hundreds and hundreds of pages to get it out there, and that takes time.

      Time that I hope someday, I'll have.

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