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  • In a few paragraphs, summarize the novel or screenplay you would write if only you had the time. See all answers
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    • Oh, the irony. I took a month off from this site to write my novel, actually, and I won NaNo, but I haven't finished my novel yet -_- Let's see if I can sum it up before my next class starts.

      My MC, Willow Lewis, has had powers ever since her dad's murder four years ago. She can control rain/water, and her reflection can talk back. At first she just ignores this and thinks she's going crazy, but then her whole world is turned upside down in a day.

      Gunmen break into her school, looking for her, and later her friends are reported as missing, an ominous phone call and an open window the only evidence. She decides to go out in search of them- and along the way discovers more and more about her gift.

      Her powers are becoming more uncontrollable by the day, and the only person that can help her is the one from her past she's spent years running from. Can she find her friends and control this newfound gift- before it controls her?

      Well there's my suckish summary. Make of it what you want XD

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    Shattered said:
    well first off, who are they? Do you mean the NaNoWriMo people? It's not really a contest, so to speak, it's just an event to get you writing. The goal was 50k in a month, by the way :D
    posted over 2 years ago