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    • freedom to serve
    • numbers, numbers. I am truly grateful for a prompt. even one. A belt. It has at least 5 parts, and because I own the belt, I possess them all. Hm. The belt is black leather, which is dyed black of course, which has a certain falseness to it, but I use it anyway, only to hold up my pants. Not a kinky thing. It has a metal buckle, simple, narrow, like the belt. What is not so obvious is the nearly invisible elastic near the buckle. This allows so much more hip movement which I need at my job where I work with children. To relate to them or assist them means I am often moving to their physical level. To be of service, without unnecessary restriction is wonderful, and not limited to pants with built in elastics. Mundane. Perhaps like a dog without a leash, not really, but it shall suffice. Of course, if my mind is distracted, or my emotions beckon my attention, if my ego is screaming, if I have not acknowledged a need for meditation after waking to the day, then I might as well be in a straight jacket, and the belt means nothing.

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