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  • Choose and write about 5 (or 10) possessions that sum up who you are. See all answers
    • You tell me what my stuff says about me
    • 1. I have 8 different shoovels, 6 different rakes, 1 post hole digger, assorted pruning tools
          I keep the property which my wife loves neet!

      2. I have one of those six foot tall tool chests, full of hand and power tools
          I used to be a auto / truck / motorcycle / small aircraft mechanic

      3. I have 12 guitars, one bass, 9 harmonicas, a violin
          I pretend to be a musician

      4. I have just about every kitchen tool, pots, kettles, and stuff
          I truly enjoy my hours in the kitchen making food that others enjoy

      5. I have a brain that won't go to sleep
          Too bad for me

      6. I have 6 computers that won't let me be
          Too bad for me

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