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  • Choose and write about 5 (or 10) possessions that sum up who you are. See all answers
    • December 4, 2012 by mnoel
    • My life in the eyes of possessions...
    • - Bible:
      I am nowhere near perfect, but I know where my hope is found.

      - Fake calla lily:
      My sister got married in September with calla lilies (not real ones) in memory of our grandpa (Papa Arvin Elder) who passed away last December. The bride held 3, and each of the bridesmaids held one. Mine, as the Maid of Honor, was covered in ribbon to match the ribbon on my sister's. The lily, which sits on my dresser, is very special to me as it is a visual of my love for my sister (and bro-in-law) as well as my grandpa.

      - Dried up flower:
      This is another memory of my Papa Arvin. This little dried flower, a dark pink one to be exact, fell off a bouquet at Papa's memorial service. The moment I saw it drop I snatched it up, smelled it and held it tight. To this day it sits on my dresser as well, still in great condition after a year, and I still grab a hold of it at times, especially during the holidays, when I am really missing him. He was only 64 when he passed away and he was the very foundation of our was ready for him to go.

      - Canon Rebel T2i camera:
      From portraits to landscapes, edited or not, I love photography. I recently bought my new camera, 18 megapixels, for a great deal and I am more than glad I got it. I take it everywhere I can and I have more photos than I knwo what to do with. (You can see some at

      - Painting supplies:
      Yep, this basically explains itself. I don't think I am not a great artist, but I have been told I am pretty good and I at least enjoy it a whole lot. My most active painting time, surprisingly, is around Christmas.

      - Juggling scarves:
      Just a little representation of my trying things out. I temporarily have a set of 3 that I am using in my college drama class to improve coordination and concentration (bean-bags are next!). I will buy scarves when the quarter is over.

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