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  • Write 500 words on any topic you like. Now remove half the words, without changing the essence of what you’re saying. See all answers
    • Some plans for 500 words or less
    • Oh crap, what in the world of flying fridges does this mean? So when I write these 500 words, should I still keep them in my post and show the edited 250 below or something?

      I'm going to cheat and not exactly answer this right now, just so I can have the first post. Others, feel free to rage at me all you want, I know it's kind of odd and slightly immature. But whatever.

      This prompt is actually perfect. Since I do most of my writing on, this prompt should be 750 words exactly by the time I'm done with it. Which will have to be later, since I'm starting this in the middle of my Bio lab. Bad Faith XD

      Eh, the above is about 150ish words, so I suppose I'll continue on. I'm going to be talking plans for the year. It's going to be crazy, with holidays and birthdays and school and moving (again) in July. BUT...I'm going to try and participate in The Year of Writing Continuously *trumpets sound*
      Doesn't that sound so fancy? It's something that Mel, a friend on the NaNo site, came up with. I just have to set a goal for the whole year, and post on the site how much I wrote each day. The site's not up yet, but it doesn't start until March, so I've got plenty of time. I'm going to shoot for at least 1k at day, so 365,000 in the whole year. It honestly shouldn't be too hard. I'm trying to get back into writing by hand more, since I'm a stationary/pen freak and miss writing by hand. That's loads easier than dragging my laptop around, anyway. All I have to do is figure out how many words a page I average and I should be all set.

      Before that though, I need to finish writing my novel before the end of the year. Then I'll take a brief writing hiatus in January to let my muse have a vacation, and start editing and rewrites in February. YOWC starts the month after that, so I'll make sure the rewrites from then on go into my wordcount. The next month is Camp NaNo, where I might be writing the sequel to my novel, or something unrelated. I won't edit that until I'm done editing this year's NaNovel though. Before I know it, November's bound to be here and then I can start the craziness all over again!

      Oh, and somehow I'll have to squeeze in school, friends, work, and the rest of my life in there. Maybe

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