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    • I now have about 10 minutes to write this post. I've been trying to get back into checking this daily, but I must admit I've not been doing a great job of it. But, nevertheless, here I am and this is my sort of semi-comeback. The topic I would like to write about is coffee - for most people who know me even just slightly know that I am a bit of a coffee fiend. Not in a very addicted sort of way, but there are those who would argue that fact. I genuinely enjoy coffee of all flavors - with cream, with sugar, with cream and sugar, black...there is something about having a hot drink within a cool temperature that just can't be beat. I also continue to argue the fact that I am receiving my water consumption for the day whilst drinking my coffee. Again, there are those who will argue against that...and yet I persevere in my joy of having a cup or three per day. I've also managed to keep my coffee consumption in check. I used to NEED coffee almost at all times throughout the day - just having a cup with coffee in it would be good enough. Now though, I am able to sustain longer periods without it. I hope that everyone gives coffee a chance because they really don't know what they're missing out on.

      I actually don't have time to write 500 words so this is actually about 250 and am content with what's been produced.

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