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    • I am listening to Guns & Roses patience live from Tokoyo. It is great. Said women talk it slow—in a world consumed by lies—all we need it just a little patience. I am not at all happy about how a lot of this stuff works out. I need to be more centered in my online communication—sometimes I try to be ironic or funny or take some of the comments that I make to my friends to people that I don’t know all that well & it turns out making a lot of problems for me. Just appreciate. You are not a doctor. You are making progress, but just because you do it every single day does not mean that you are getting any better—necessarily. I need to make sure that I take my time—I need to have some patience. The lights they shine so bright—they do this after Wild Horses—so much of the songs that are sung are about love—that is one thing that set the Dead apart—very few of their songs are about love. I do not really like love songs all that much—I likely need to find more space to be loving.

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