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  • The world is a noisy, chaotic place. Where do you go to unwind? See all answers
    • Noise and Chaos
    • The world may be a noisy, chaotic place, and I happen to like it like that. It makes me feel safe, in a way, to hear cars and other people and just noise and chaos. It reminds me that in this huge world, I'm not really as alone as I thought. And I like that.

      But there are some days I just can't take the noise. So I always go to my room to unwind. I put on some music (that my parents argue is noisy and chaotic in itself haha), perch in my favorite chair in my writing corner, and either snatch up a book to read or write. My number one relaxing place is the ocean, but since I live no where near one this is the next best thing.

      Of course it all gets ruined when someone bursts into my room shouting for me, offended that I couldn't hear them before. Then I point out that I have music on, we have a brief shouting match about how loud it is, and then they stomp off.

      At this point I'm ususally mad myself, and in my favorite spot too. The last resort is to go in my walk-in closet, lock the door, and sit in between my many shoes.

      Repeat in an endless cycle, with the end result being that one of us finally snaps or I move out. Preferably to somewhere near the ocean.

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