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  • Imagine a new Voyager spacecraft is being built by NASA, and like its earlier counterparts, it’s going to carry the best of modern human culture inscribed onto a record. What belongs on there and why? See all answers
    • What is the best of modern human culture?
    • I guess the real question is really what is the best of modern human culture? We make advancements in mathematics, science and other academia. It feels like we continue to become a more peaceful planet overall. In reality we all still suffer, we are not at completely peace. This sounds very depressing but what really is the best of modern human culture? People starve, wars rage, schoolchildren are murdered. I find it hard at this time to really think about what that record would contain. It may be that it was hard for some when the Voyager spacecrafts originally launched.

      I originally had different ideas about what I was going to write but somehow ended up here.

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    Colin_Fiat said:
    My thoughts too - put a little human culture in the record as possible. Our achievements are wonderful but humans still are simple erect animals with instinctual desires we cannot control. We are the cavemen who has harnessed fire and yet still singes his fur.
    posted over 2 years ago